Piccolo X

Piccolo: Beef Tartare with Mushroom Puree
Will this be an account of our last meal at Piccolo? I hope not but they seem to be entirely booked up from now through their closing on March 11. I’m hoping we can get in one more time but if not, at least our last meal there will have been excellent. After eating there in mid-December and again over the New Year’s weekend, we went back again in late-January with another set of friends who are also big fans and we were all well pleased.

This review and, if we can indeed get in one more time, that of our next meal there will be the exceptions to my recent shift of emphasis to smaller immigrant-run restaurants. Piccolo was our favourite restaurant in the Twin Cities and I wanted to say farewell. Next week we’ll be back to Somali food. 

As always we got the tasting menu option and between the four of us we ate everything on the menu (though I seem unaccountably to have failed to photograph one dish).

I’m not going to get into too much detail here. The descriptions and brief evaluations of the dishes are in the captions to the slideshow—please click on an image below to launch it. Spoiler alert: We loved almost everything; only one dish fell to the level of being merely liked.

A number of things on the menu at this meal were things that had been on the New Year’s menu. We were not disappointed by that as some of these had been our favourite dishes at that meal. The new dishes were great as well. The current menu swaps in a few more new things, and I’m told that is what will take the restaurant through its closing. And the service was as good as it has ever been. All of this plus several glasses of wine, tax and tip came to a little over $100 per head.

Well,if you don’t already have a reservation you’re unlikely to be able to get in to verify but this meal suggests they’re very much going out on top.


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