Coming Soon…

And so it’s May. In Minnesota we’ve gone straight from never-ending winter to summer. The mosquitoes might even get here before the tree pollen. You’re right, none of this has anything to do with what I might or might not post on the blog this month. Well, the tree pollen might: two years ago, two months after moving to the street we live on, allergies made it impossible for me to smell or taste anything for weeks on end. What I’m saying is that if there’s anything on the long list of whisky reviews that you’d like me to get to for sure, you should let me know soon.

In addition to whisky, I’ll have a number of Twin Cities restaurant reviews as well—and I remain open, as always, to recommendations for places to get to. 

  1. Amrut Peated CS, Batch 9, 2010 Release
  2. Auchroisk 18, 1988 (Blackadder)
  3. Balblair 16
  4. Balblair 2005
  5. Ben Nevis 10
  6. Ben Nevis 19, 1997 (Montgomerie’s for Total Wine)
  7. Blair Athol 26, 1988 (Signatory)
  8. Bowmore 20, 1997 (Old Particular for K&L)
  9. Bunnahabhain 25, 1991 (Old Particular for K&L)
  10. Bunnahabhain 28, 1989 (Faultline)
  11. Foursquare 11, 2004, Rum
  12. Glen Keith 21, 1996 (Single Malts of Scotland)
  13. Glen Ord 14, 2001 (SMWS)
  14. Glenturret 33, 1980 (The Whisky Agency)
  15. Laphroaig 16, 1999, Rum Cask (Kingsbury)
  16. Ledaig 11, “Time IV” (The Whisky Exchange)
  17. Lemorton 10, Calvados
  18. Littlemill 21, 1992 (Berry Bros. & Rudd)
  19. Littlemill 22, 1989 (Archives)
  20. Littlemill 24, 1988 (Exclusive Malts)
  21. Longmorn 24, 1990 (Single Malts of Scotland)
  22. Longmorn 46, 1964-2011 (Gordon & MacPhail for van Wees)
  23. Miltonduff 17, 1995 (Tasting Fellows)
  24. Mortlach 22, 1995 (Faultline)
  25. Mortlach 28, 1989 (Faultline)
  26. Old Blends: Dewar’s White Label, 1940s/50s Release
  27. Old Blends: Haig & Haig 8, Five Star, 1940s Release
  28. Old Blends: Haig & Haig 12, 1940s Release
  29. Old Blends: Hudson’s Bay, Best Procurable, 1950s Release
  30. Old Blends: King George IV, 1940s/50s Release
  31. Speyburn 26, 1988 (Berry Bros. & Rudd)
  32. Tomatin 25, 1988 (Malts of Scotland)

12 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. Amrut Peated CS! Some of the guys on Connosr are always saying that’s one of the best peaters around. I’ve never seen on in real life, though, so it would take an online order to actually get one. So, another another opinion would be helpful there.

    Good luck with the pollen. Today’s May 1, and right on cue, I started sneezing up a storm today.


      • Here in Madison, WI, the first Total Wine just opened. Until now, I was refusing to shop there—but I suppose Amrut Peated CS could change my tune.


        • Since TW is new to the area I urge you to look for temporary deals. At least scroll through the online inventory. If MN is any model, in a few weeks/months they’ll raise the prices considerably and THEN you can refuse to go there!


          • Ah, I didn’t think to check online! Thanks. (…) Yep, they’re a big corporate outfit, so there’s their online inventory alright.

            I scrolled. I found a couple things that are like 5% cheaper than my favorite local places, but nothing too exciting. And no Amrut Peated CS.

            I’m not shopping there.


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