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Here for the penultimate time in 2018 is a look ahead to what’s potentially coming on the blog. There’s a long’ish list of potential reviews below and, as always, I invite requests for the shortlist. I think I got to all the requested reviews for October. All the ones that were requested on the blog, at least. Some people did make requests on Twitter but I tend to lose sight of things there. So, if you’re coming to this post from Twitter and would like to request a review please do so by leaving a comment on this post.

Two of my more popular posts in the last month were reviews of American whiskies (the Wild Turkey 101 Rye and the Russell’s Reserve Private Barrel). Alas, I don’t have very many samples of other American whiskies in my stash. However, I do plan to review more bourbons and ryes next year. As the value proposition of single malt whisky continues to tank, (re)discovering the pleasures of bourbon and rye may be key to financial responsibility. But for now I have mostly a list of single malts for you to choose from for November. Have at it! 

  1. Ardmore 24, 1985 (SMWS)
  2. Auchroisk 28, 1988 (Malts of Scotland)
  3. Balblair 16
  4. Balblair 1999-2016, 2nd Ed.
  5. Balblair 38, 1966
  6. Ballechin 12, 2005 (Signatory for the Whisky Barrel)
  7. Ben Nevis 27, 1990
  8. Blair Athol 22, 1995 (Edition Spirits)
  9. Brora 30, 5th Release
  10. Bunnahabhain 28, 1987 (Maltbarn)
  11. Caol Ila 34, 1982 (Cadenhead’s)
  12. Caperdonich 27, 1974 (Old Malt Cask)
  13. Dailuaine 9, 2006 (SMWS 41.83)
  14. Deanston 11, 2006 (Signatory)
  15. Glen Ord 12, Singleton
  16. Glentauchers 20, 1997 (Signatory)
  17. Heaven Hill 6, Bottled in Bond
  18. Karuizawa 13, 1997, “Spirit Safe”
  19. Knappogue Castle 12 (for the Party Source)
  20. Ledaig 11, 2005 (Single Malts of Scotland)
  21. Ledaig 11, Time Series IV (The Whisky Exchange)
  22. Longmorn 34, 1976 (Malts of Scotland)
  23. Millstone 100, Dutch Single Rye
  24. Port Charlotte, Pl1 (Elements of Islay)
  25. Springbank 12, Cask Strength
  26. Talisker 30, 2015 Release
  27. Tomatin 16, PX Cask, Distillery Only
  28. Tomatin 25, 1988 (Malts of Scotland)

As I will be out of the country and eating unhealthily in December (after eating unhealthily at Thanksgiving), I’m planning to cut back on eating out in November. However, I still have restaurant reviews backed up from my Scotland and London trip in June. Catching up on those, plus a review of a middle eastern restaurant in Eagan, will probably be the extent of my restaurant reviews this month. I will have some recipes to go with them, however.

9 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. I’d be interested in your views on the Tomatin 16 PX cask, as I tried it as well in my tour. (didn’t end up buying it though so I’m sure your notes will be more conclusive)


  2. I think both of those will be covered for sure.

    I think someone had requested the Malts of Scotland Mortlach I’d listed last month. I just wanted to say that I actually sat down to review that and just before posting realized I had already reviewed it two years ago! There wasn’t enough difference in my notes to justify the second post. Ditto for the Malts of Scotland Glengoyne I’d listed last month. I really need to keep better track of what I buy or trade for.


  3. If you want that Heaven Hill 6 BIB review to be timely you should do it soonish. (And it sounds like people enjoy your bourbon reviews.) As you probably know, it has been discontinued. I still don’t understand why that is so terrible when Henry McKenna 10yr BIB is still available nearly everywhere and is <$30.


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