Coming Soon…

Another month, another look ahead to reviews and such on the blog. As the king of empty promises let me lead by saying that this will DEFINITELY be the month when I will finally get around to that review of Indian-(ish) that I’ve been threatening since May. Look for it any day now or maybe in December. Of 2020. But seriously, I am going to do it: I’ve begun to draft it in my head and only need to find a couple of hours in a row to sit down and type it up. Speaking of finishing things, I posted the last of my DC meal reports last month. I was hoping to get done with the New York reports this month but there are still quite a few of those to go and so they’ll likely trickle into November. They’ll be interspersed with Twin Cities Metro reports as usual and maybe a recipe or two. And, of course, booze. Though I’m not sure if I really have much of a booze following anymore—does anyone still read whisky blogs?—I will be keeping up my usual schedule of three reviews a week: mostly whisky, some brandy.

The long list of potential whisky reviews is below. Please nominate to the shortlist any that you’re particularly interested in. (And please nominate them in the comments here—I lose track of things on Twitter and Facebook.)

  1. Ben Nevis, McDonald’s Traditional, 1st Batch
  2. Benriach 12, Heredotus Fumosus, PX Sherry Finish
  3. Benriach 26, 1987 (Exclusive Casks)
  4. Bowmore 10, 1999, Bourbon/Syrah (Murray McDavid)
  5. Bowmore 11, 1995, Bourbon/Viognier (Murray McDavid)
  6. Bowmore 14, 1996 (A.D. Rattray for BevMo)
  7. Copper & Kings Pear Brandy
  8. Dailuaine 9, 2006 (SMWS)
  9. Glen Grant 35, 1970 (Lonach)
  10. Glen Grant 37, 1974 (Berry Bros. & Rudd)
  11. Glen Moray 14, 2004 (OMC 20th Anniversary Release)
  12. The Singleton of Glen Ord 12
  13. Glen Ord 15, 1996 (Liquid Sun)
  14. Glen Ord 18, 1996 (Blackadder)
  15. Glen Scotia 12
  16. Glen Spey 12, 1999 (Blackadder)
  17. Glenfarclas 1986, The Family Casks, #3434
  18. Glendronach 10, 2002, Virgin Oak
  19. Glendronach 19, 1993, PX Butt 26
  20. Karuizawa 27, Multi-Vintages #1
  21. Karuizawa 39, 1972, Cask 7038
  22. Laphroaig 9, 2001 (SMWS 29.88)
  23. Le Sable a Lagrange 42, 1974 (Armagnac)
  24. Lheraud Grande Champagne 1976 (Cognac)
  25. Longmorn 17, 1996 (Van Wees)
  26. Longmorn 36, 1976 (Malts of Scotland)
  27. Millstone 100, Dutch Rye
  28. Park 18, Borderies (Cognac)
  29. Port Charlotte 13, 2001 (Rest and Be Thankful)
  30. “Probably Speyside’s Finest” 22, 1991 (OMC)

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. I am particularly interested in you reconsidering a review of the Singleton Glen Ord 12. It is a disgrace to whisky blending. If you must follow through with your promises (as you ALWAYS do), make a highball out of that Ord and share the tasting notes. Surely, the high ball will receive a better score than the Singleton 12.


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