Is it Safe?


4 thoughts on “Is it Safe?

  1. I haven’t been watching because it’s too dangerous. However, Cathy has been updating me with mostly good news, so I am feeling somewhat better. If it goes through, certainly for the foreseeable future I will be feeling a hell of a lot safer than I have during the last five years.


  2. Yes, it is! Nevada (could have been called anytime the last 48 hours), Georgia (currently 7200+ lead; incredibly humiliating for the Trump-regime, especially looking on the history with stories like Forsyth County), Pennsylvania (might end up +60.000 to +90.000) all on track. Even Arizona most likely. Any recount will change at maximum +/- 200 votes. High chance it will end up 306-232. The cult shows signs to fall apart. Still so much crisis to handle around the globe. I count on mass mobilisations and solidarity shown so many times in different parts of the US and beyond.

    Today on the menu: my last cl of a cracy sherried Port Ellen (DL, 1982) and a St. Magdalene 19 (yeah!)

    Sláinte to all!


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