February’s Recipes: A Poll

Here is the poll to select the recipes for the coming month, to be posted, as always, on Thursdays. January’s poll saw the recipe for baingan masala with keema finally making the cut. Will this finally be the month of the recipe for masala-fried spare ribs which has been getting rejected for even longer? Let’s see. After a nearly all-vegetarian run in November and December, January saw only one vegetarian recipe make the cut. This month’s poll features three vegetarian recipes and three non-vegetarian recipes. It also features two recipes that may not seem particularly Indian and one that centrally involves a non-Indian ingredient. As always, you can vote for up to four candidates and the top four vote-getters will be posted (though not necessarily in order of rank).

Here are this month’s contenders:

  1. Beef Curry with Red Wine: Here’s your recipe with a central ingredient that is not Indian. [Edit to add: To be clear, beef is not the central ingredient that I am referring to here as “not Indian”. Those who follow my recipes know it’s important to me to note the very Indianness of beef consumption—it’s been a central ingredient in Indian foodways for far, far longer than things like tomatoes and potatoes and chillies, for example. But it’s worth pointing out anyway for the benefit of occasional readers that the central ingredient I am referring to here as “not Indian” is red wine, which is not really very common—as far as I know—as an ingredient in meat curries.]
  2. Khatta Alu: Potatoes in a clingy sauce made sour by tamarind.
  3. Masala-Fried Spare Ribs: Your perennial also-ran.
  4. Pork Roast with Apples and White Wine: The first of two recipes that may not seem particularly Indian but features both Indian ingredients and approaches.
  5. Rajma, Take 4: Yet another take on the Punjabi favourite.
  6. Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Bhaja Moshla: The other recipe that may not seem particularly Indian.

You can see what the finished dishes look like here. The poll follows below.

Vote here.

The poll will be left open for 2-3 days probably.



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