April’s Recipes: A Poll

The recipes poll is back, baby! I didn’t post one for March, largely because I wanted to clear some of my backlog and partly because, headed to Delhi, I knew there’d be at least one recipe I’d post from the trip (that turned out to be this one). I now enter April with no backlog at all, no recipes already jotted down. Which is not to say that the recipes in the poll are things I’ve never cooked before. Well, one was learned in Delhi just over a week ago and my approach to another was overhauled then as well. The other four are things that I have made before but have not written down ingredients or steps for. I won’t be recreating them in April so much as riffing in the spirit/taste memory of the originals. Most of the pictures in the slideshow below are therefore indications rather than promises of what the new versions of these dishes will look and be like.

Okay, here are this month’s candidates:

  1. Keema Curry with Broccoli. I actually just improvised this after coming back from Delhi. It turned out really well and I wish I’d written down precisely what I did. Though I did make a reel of the process. (Making shoddy reels is now what I mostly do on Instagram.)
  2. Lamb and Flageolet Bean Stew. I improvized a couple of versions of this in February and look forward to finding the mean between them in April.
  3. Masoor Dal Pakoras. A recipe I learned in Delhi in March under the tutelage of my parents’ cook.
  4. Mooli Parathas. I’ve made them before but not as I learned to make them on this Delhi trip.
  5. Roast Duck. I bought a Muscovy duck from a local farm in February and plan to roast it for Easter lunch (yes, I know roast ducks are not traditional for Easter; I should really make the lamb stew then, shouldn’t I?). My guess is it’ll end up being a cross between two ways in which I usually roast duck: lacquered with soy sauce and honey, and crusted with cracked spices.
  6. Tongue Salad with Roasted Cumin Vinaigrette. I made this a long time ago and we really enjoyed it. I will try to recreate it from memory. It will inevitably be different but I am confident it will be good. If you don’t have access to or interest in tongue, you can approximate this with thinly sliced steak.

You can see what the finished dishes might look like here. The poll follows below.

Vote here:

The poll will be left open through the weekend.



One thought on “April’s Recipes: A Poll

  1. Okay, the poll is now closed. The top three are clear: masoor dal pakora, keema curry with broccoli, and mooli parathas. There’s a tie for fourth position between the lamb/flageolet bean stew and the tongue salad. I’m giving my tie-breaking vote to the tongue salad. I might even begin the month with that recipe this Thursday.


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