Restaurant Alma, Spring 2022 (Minneapolis, MN)

Those of you who have been more recently than we have will not need to be told this but Alma is now doing a prix fixe menu only at dinner in the restaurant. You plonk down $50 at the time of making a reservation (non-refundable but, I believe, transferrable either to other people or a new date if plans change). this applies to the bill for dinner which is currently $85/head before drinks, tax and a 21% wellness surcharge. We added on two cocktails and a glass of wine and our total came to just short of $280. That is not a cheap meal for two in the Twin Cities but it was a very good meal.

The prix fixe is quite extensive. Looking at the menu when we sat down we wondered if we were supposed to make choices for each course but no: everything you see is what you get. The menu changes seasonally and if I remember correctly, we were told that the menu we ate was just a few days old. Makes sense as winter has only just begun to yield to spring in Minnesota. The good news at any rate is that this menu will be available for several weeks if you want to try it. And I really think you should. The food here remains as it has always been: clearly thought through and carefully composed in terms of flavours and textures; nothing is showy for its own sake—though there is a lot of technique at play and a fair bit of juxtaposition of ingredients/components from different parts of the world. What I’m saying is that it’s good.

What was the good food on this particular occasion?


3 thoughts on “Restaurant Alma, Spring 2022 (Minneapolis, MN)

  1. Good report and nice to see Alma is on its game – good reason for us to return. Only been to Mucci’s once but enjoyed it a lot. The pizza is well known. And if you or kids really like it, you can get it frozen from Kowalski’s to bake at home.

    Planning to go to Meritage soon and so will advise. I wish they would bring the brunch back, that was our favorite.


  2. Well, it looks like WordPress swallowed what I wrote yesterday.

    My wife and I had Mucci’s for dinner over the weekend. I’m a fan of the Hangover Kale, though I treat it more like a main than a side dish (a little heavy/hearty for a side in my opinion). The salad is mostly mesclun and red cabbage and was fresh and tasty, with a vinaigrette dressing that’s not thick or excessively acidic, but, in the end, it’s a salad. A good counterpoint to pasta or some of the heavier entrees. My wife had the lasagna. It’s of the many-layered kind (rather than a few thick layers of noodles, sauce, cheese, meat). The texture, of course, has to be finer than most lasagnas we’ve eaten. I guess you either like that or you don’t. The lasagna did not taste pasta-heavy and you don’t get a mouthful of any single ingredient, which also is good.

    The pizza? I know the pizza is well-known. I don’t get it. The ingredients are high quality. The dough was tasty but the montonara technique is supposed to provide a pizza crust that is both crispy and chewy. Ours was not remotely crispy. It was chewy, in a good way, like good bread. But I expected more from a fried dough. And the ratio of dough to toppings was in cheap-pizza territory. I don’t need to eat a grease-bomb pizza but this one didn’t seem worth a long wait or a long drive. Maybe the kitchen had an off night.


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