August’s Recipes: A Poll

I’m afraid that I am indeed too out of it after my travel home to get any whisky tasting done. And so there won’t be a third whisky review this week. I’ll make it up later with a bonus Speyside review. And as I don’t have the energy right now to resize meal photographs either, I’m not putting up an extra restaurant report in place of the whisky review. Instead, here is the poll to help me select the recipes that I’ll post on the blog in August. There are six contenders for four spots again this month. Two are holdovers from previous polls—one  seemingly a perennial long shot, but I’m an optimistic guy. Of the four new recipes on the poll three are vegetarian which means half of this month’s poll is vegetarian—and indeed vegan. If you bemoan the lack of such recipes on my blog in most months here’s your opportunity to ensure August’s recipes will be almost all vegetarian.

The recipes are:

  • Mushroom and Cauliflower Curry. This is a simple recipe I improvized earlier this month using large king oyster mushrooms and cauliflower. Great as a main course or side dish.
  • Purple Potaotes, Red Masala. A take on alur dom/dum alu using purple potatoes in a tomato-heavy base. The potatoes don’t have to be purple but their flavour works well and the colour makes for a striking presentation.
  • Red Pork with Wine and Spices. Another recent improvization that came out very well, this involves white wine, spices, tomatoes and coconut milk.
  • Roasted Cauliflower and White Bean Salad. A very easy and very tasty warm salad made with Rancho Gordo beans. A bit of cumin in there for added warmth.
  • Slow-Cooked Mutton Curry. Like it says: a slow-cooked mutton curry; you marinate goat overnight with yogurt and spices and more or less let it cook itself over low heat the next day. Don’t have goat? Lamb or even beef would be a plausible substitute.
  • Spiced Chicken Liver Mousse. The perennial also-ran. I do know someone who really wanted the recipe when I first posted about this on Instagram in the spring. Maybe do her a solid?

Here is the visual inducement:

And here is the poll. As always you can vote for up to four.

I’ll leave it open for a few days.



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