Spoon and Stable II

After a long run of reviews of more affordable places in the Twin Cities metro area, here is a review of a recent dinner at one of the top contenders to be the Twin Cities’ best fine dining restaurant: Spoon and Stable. We enjoyed our first dinner there in late 2015, less than a year after they opened, and had always meant to go back soon for another meal. However, more than three years past their opening they remain a difficult reservation and so it took almost 2.5 years for us to finally get back (I don’t mean to suggest that we were trying to get a table every month after that first meal). I guess it’s a positive development that we were able to get in on a Friday this time—but even booking a month ahead, the best we could do was 9.15. Anyway, this dinner was as good as the first in some ways, lesser and better in others.  Continue reading

Spoon and Stable (Minneapolis)

Spoon and Stable
After three reviews in a row of Twin Cities meals that ranged from the farcical to the mediocre to the acceptable, I am very pleased to say that this is a report on a meal that I thought was, on the whole, very good indeed: at Spoon and Stable. As those who follow the food scene—in the Twin Cities and beyond—know, Spoon and Stable is a very hot restaurant. It opened in late 2014 with a great deal of local fanfare and was almost immediately nominated for a James Beard award (though it did not win). Later in 2015 Bon Appetit named them one of the best new restaurants in the country.  Continue reading