Bangkok Thai Deli

Last week I wrote up a meal at Krungthep Thai in Minneapolis, the recent off-shoot of Bangkok Thai Deli in St. Paul and noted at the end that it had inspired us to return to Bangkok Thai Deli for lunch. Here is the write-up of that meal.

We’d eaten at Bangkok Thai Deli for quite some time until On Khumchaya left to open her own place. We had a few less than great meals at Bangkok Thai Deli in the intervening period until we learned a) that there had been a change in the kitchen and b) of the existence of the excellent On’s Kitchen. We defected double-quick and hadn’t been back since. I’m not sure why our mediocre meal at Krungthep Thai made us want to check out the mothership once more but it did. And I’m glad it did.

First things first, this will not be news to anyone who follows this stuff but Bangkok Thai Deli is no longer in their old dodgy digs next to the Thai grocery store on University. They’ve shifted a few hundred feet west to a new space that previously housed some fast food place or the other. They now have a proper parking lot and much nicer seating. And, as it turns out, the food is back on its game as well. The menu has been overhauled as well with new dishes and a new layout (which like at Krungthep Thai dispenses with transliterated Thai names for most of the dishes).

What we ate (click on a thumbnail to launch a larger slideshow with captions):

So, a very good meal. Not one thing was close to bad, and most things were very good. As you can tell we’d asked that everything that should be hot be made Thai hot and they certainly complied. This is the only Thai meal we’ve had in the Twin Cities that’s approached Jitlada level fieriness. All of this came to about $65 with tip.

Things that were not so good: tiny tables. Okay, we ordered a lot for two adults and two small kids but we could barely fit everything on the table when only three of the dishes had been brought. The service is bad even by the standards of affordable Asian restaurants that don’t care too much about service. Why we’re supposed to accept such low standards, as a number of people on Yelp, for example, suggest we must, I don’t know. The food’s good, it deserves to be served better.

Anyway, we’ll be back. And next time we might even get the Khao Soi and see if the bizarro version at Krungthep Thai (which was apparently made and shipped from here) is the house style for some reason.

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