On’s Kitchen II

Pad Sator
No, On’s Kitchen hasn’t opened a second location: this is my second review of On’s Kitchen. It’s not the only time we’ve eaten there since the first review, it’s only the second review I’ve gotten around to writing; and, in fact, it’s a compendium of our two most recent meals there. In the time since the first review—way back in late 2013 when I’d first started to post restaurant write-ups on the blog—I’ve covered a number of the other Thai places that get attention from Twin Cities foodies and food media and have confirmed what everyone knows to be true: at the top are On’s Kitchen and Bangkok Thai Deli and everyone else is well below that. What not everyone wants to say, however, is that even the better places below them are not even really in the same weight division. But rather than dwell on the shortcomings of the rest of the scene, I’ll note once again how lucky we are, in a region without a large Thai population, to have two Thai restaurants that offer up very good renditions of more than your standard-issue Thai restaurant fare, and where it is possible to get even the standard-issue fare cooked at a high level and unsweetened or otherwise watered down.

As noted, the pictures below are of dishes eaten at two separate meals—I’ve sorted them by type rather than by meal. Descriptions and evaluations of the dishes are in the captions: click on an image to launch a larger slideshow. With one exception I’ve left out images of dishes eaten and photographed in the earlier review.

Both meals were quite good but the second was really very good and comparable, I want to say, to good meals we’ve had in Thai Town in L.A. That’s very high praise from me. The first meal, however, displayed some of the inconsistencies that can sometimes creep in there. Still, even when not at its best On’s Kitchen is quite a bit better than every Thai place in the Twin Cities not named Bangkok Thai Deli. If not for the fact that they’re closed on Sundays and that Bangkok Thai Deli has very good kao soy and boat noodles (neither on the menu here) we’d probably not go anywhere else for Thai.

Both meals came to less than $20 per head, by the way. And the service both times was as it always is at On’s: a little slow when busy (on the first occasion) and relaxed when not so very busy (on the second occasion); and friendly and welcoming on both occasions.

2 thoughts on “On’s Kitchen II

  1. We too enjoyed On’s several times over about 18 months subsequent to their opening, but for some reason haven’t been back in almost a couple years. Back then, they hadn’t yet received a license (I think they have beer and wine now), but they were happy to oblige us when we BYOB’d it. (Wish more places were)

    Glad to hear they have not lost their luster – thanks for reminding us it would be well worth a return trip.


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