Out of Action (Temporarily, I Hope)

I made fun of Sku last week for wondering if he should stop blogging about whiskey, but you may have noticed that I have also not blogged about whisky/whiskey since last Monday. In my case, no principles are involved (you can put that sentence in my epitaph); it is just that for the better part of a week my senses of smell and taste have been knocked out by some combination of bronchitis, sinusitis and spring allergies. I’ve not been able to taste or smell very much since last Tuesday and as I had no posts lined up past the review of Heirloom this means there will be no reviews of whiskies or restaurants and no recipes till my nose and palate are back in action. And I have no idea when that will be—I do hope it will be soon as I would really like to be able to taste my food again properly; on the plus side, my liver is getting an extended break. I should have some other stuff on the blog in the meantime, however, that doesn’t involve the nose or palate, so do check back—or spend your time reading the many, many older posts you’ve so callously ignored in the past.

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