Coming Soon…

Here is a snapshot of September on the blog and a quick look ahead to October.

With no recipe posts made in September, almost all of the top 10 most-read posts were spirits-related. The most read was my review of the Astor Huard Calvados—but that was probably due to the vicious behaviour in the comments by a well-known blogger who’s known for flying off the handle at the slightest provocation (you could almost hear him sniffing as he typed). Of the other brandy reviews only the Pellehaut 17 sneaked into the top 10. The Highland Park 10, the Michel Couvreur 12 for K&L, the Longrow 11 Red, the Macallan 10 Fine Oak, the Glenfarclas 35, 1968 and the Bowmore Feis Ile 2012 were the most read whisky reviews (in that order). The only restaurant review in the top 10 was that of Homi, the excellent Mexican place in St. Paul. The only non-review post of any kind to feature was the piece on Glendronach’s single cask shenanigans, a piece whose afterlife seems as endless as whisky geeks’ willingness to buy Glendronach’s “single casks”. 

A recipe or two may show up this month but I still have a large backlog of restaurant reviews to post: three more from London, two more from Los Angeles in July (!) and a few more from the Twin Cities area. On the spirits front I’m aware that I haven’t posted any American whiskey reviews in a while and so this month those will take the place of the weekly brandy reviews: I’ll pick up with the Calvados and Armagnac reviews again in November.

Here accordingly is the long list of potential whisky reviews for October. Some of these are in the bag and almost certain to show up (the Douglas Laing Ardbegs) but I’m generally open to suggestions.

  1. Ardbeg 27, 1973-2000 (Douglas Laing OMC)
  2. Ardbeg 28, 1972-2000 (Douglas Laing OMC)
  3. Ardbeg 28, 1972-2001 (Douglas Laing OMC)
  4. Arran 10
  5. Beam Bonded Decanter, Spring 1960/Fall 1968
  6. Benromach 1978-1997 (Scott’s Selection)
  7. Blair Athol 25, 1988 (Signatory for LMDW)
  8. Blair Athol 26, 1988 (Signatory for Spec’s)
  9. Booker’s CO5-A-12
  10. Booker’s “Noe Secret”
  11. Bowmore 23, 1989 (A.D. Rattray)
  12. Caol Ila 14, Unpeated
  13. Clynelish 22, 1989 (Thosop)
  14. Clynelish 25, 1984 (SMWS 26.67)
  15. Evan Williams Single Barrel
  16. George Dickel No. 12
  17. George Dickel 17
  18. Henry McKenna Bottled in Bond
  19. Home Blend 35, 1980 (Wilson & Morgan)
  20. Jack’s Pirate Whisky, “Das Gestohlene Schiff Part V”
  21. Lagavulin, Lg5 (Elements of Islay)
  22. Laphroaig Cairdeas 2016
  23. Laphroaig Lore
  24. Linkwood 29, 1984 (Malts of Scotland)
  25. Littlemill 12
  26. Littlemill 21, 1992 (Berry Bros. & Rudd)
  27. Lochside 29, 1981 (Captain Burn’s)
  28. Macduff 31, 1980 (Wilson & Morgan)
  29. New Holland Zeppelin Bend
  30. Old Taylor 6 yo, Bottled in1985
  31. Slow Hand Six Woods Cask Strength Malt
  32. Wild Turkey Old No. 8, Bottled in 1996

10 thoughts on “Coming Soon…

  1. If/when you review the old Wild Turkey, comparing it to its modern successor would be informative. Maybe you can solicit a sample from a local kegger.

    Also, since you’re an unabashed fan of most things Laphroaig, I’m curious what you’ll think of Lore.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The Laphroaigs are a near certainty…provided they show up. They’re not in hand yet—I placed an order last week and am yet to receive a shipment notice.

    And you can probably count on at least one Booker’s and one Dickel. I feel like before I review the Beam decanter I may need to do a fuller study of the lexicon of “dusty” bourbon reviews. Don’t want to seem like the novice I am!

    And it turns out I’ve already reviewed the Arran 10. It’s such a pleasure growing old. The sample I have now was taken from a bottle released around the same time as the one in the previous review and so I’m not sure there’s much use in a second review.


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