Hong Kong, Day 1 (December 2018)

After an exhausting day of travel that included flight delays and damaged baggage before I even got on my 15 hour flight from LAX, I finally arrived at Hong Kong on Saturday morning, feeling a bit like damaged goods myself. And extra surly as—unlike in 2016—I’m here by myself this time; and unlike some people, I do not like traveling alone.

I was greeted by a massive, snaking line at immigration but it moved surprisingly quickly. Emerging with my suitcase (thankfully not beat up further), I made a beeline for Crystal Jade and applied some excellent dumplings to my exhaustion. Then aboard the Airport Express train to Hong Kong Station and a quick cab ride to my friend’s home up in the Mid-Levels, to wait out the time till my check-in at the hotel. Drank some masala chai, called my hotel—who were kind enough to give me an early check-in—and cabbed down to Central, to Wellington St. It was lunch time and so setting my bags down, I ventured forth. 

Two noodle soup-based lunches later, I wandered through an outdoor green market on Graham St. past some butchers and fishmongers on Gage St. and then down to my hotel again for a long nap. By the time I got out of bed it was 8 pm, and by the time I got going it was past 9. More noodle soup for dinner and then a couple of drinks at an excellent whisky bar. I took a lot of pictures all day. And since I’ve been up since 3.30 am with nothing to do, here are those pictures, resized and uploaded, for you to look at. As you’ll see there are no pictures here of any of the meals I ate. Those will come later—perhaps they’ll be tomorrow’s jet-lag project. But in case you’re wondering, my two lunches were at Tsim Chai Kee and Mak’s Noodle and my dinner was at Kau Kee. The excellent whisky bar was Ginger—I’ll probably write them up separately as well.

The pictures in the mega-slide show below are not in any order. I rambled and doubled back a lot and didn’t bother to plot anything on a map. The meat and particularly the fish market pictures are from a number of different establishments. And, oh yes, if you are squeamish about these things, please be advised that there are a few rather graphic meat pictures, including of the head of a recently dispatched pig. And if you can help with identifying some of the shellfish and other items at the market, please write in below.

Okay, I am going to try, against all odds, to go back to sleep again (it’s now 6.30 am on Sunday). The food plan today involves old-school dim sum for lunch and possibly new-school Thai for dinner. I’m sure there’ll be other street scenes to photograph as well. I’m going to try to stay on my feet and in the sun as much as I can today. If you have any Hong Kong tips, please write in below.

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