Ahgassi Gopchang (Los Angeles, January 2019)

Here finally is my last meal report from our trip to Los Angeles in late December/early January. And it indeed a write-up of the last meal we ate out on this trip. Our brats had wanted to eat Korean bbq on this trip and we decided to got Ahgassi Gopchang, a specialist in intestines (gopchang). No, our brats didn’t eat the intestines—you can also get more standard meat options for grilling, as well as other Korean dishes. But intestines are the star here and the adults in attendance enjoyed the hell out of them. We were joined at this meal by 50% of the Sku clan. Alas, it was probably our last meal together in Los Angeles. By the time we next get there, they will have moved across the country to Washington DC—which seems like a bit far to go to get away from me. But to the food!

The restaurant is located at the corner of 6th and Harvard and has very eye-catching signage out on the street. The entrance, however, is through the parking lot in the back. The restaurant is reasonably large and has a bright, contemporary feel to it with lots of blonde wood and shiny metal. We got there early and didn’t have trouble getting a table but they filled up quickly and by the time we left there were quite a few people waiting outside. The clientele on the evening seemed to skew young. From what I could tell from looking around at other tables most people were there for the intestines.

We got the gopchang combo ($59.99) and the pork combo ($52.99). The latter includes soy marinated pork short rib, pork shoulder and a choice of either belly or pork jowl (we got the pork belly). The combos come with a choice of jigae (“stew”) and the gopchang combo is finished with fried rice cooked on the iron skillet on which the intestines are cooked at the table. As at most Korean bbq places in Koreatown, the staff handles most of the grilling of meats at the table. Well, for the pork they put it on and we mostly did the rest. But with the gopchang they take care of it all, and it’s quite a show (see the slideshow below).

How was it all? Very good indeed. The younger people devoured most of the pork without our intervention but the adults were very happy with the intestines whose crispy/soft texture was just great. The jigaes (we got one seafood/soft tofu jigae and one kimchi jigae) and the fried rice at the end were very good as well. And all the banchan was of a good quality too.

For a look at the restaurant and the food launch the slideshow below. Scroll down to see how much it all cost etc.

All of the above plus tax and tip came to about $150. It was enough food for five adults, which makes it about $30/head. Pretty good for Koreatown and very good for the quality. We’ll be back (though I am curious about the other gopchang places—there’s another just down the street).

Alright, that’s the L.A trip done. Coming soon: a bunch of reviews from Montreal and Toronto with Twin Cities reports sprinkled in there.

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