Amrut, Sherry Cask (Blackadder)

It’s been a year and a half since my last Amrut review—what kind of an Indian am I? It’s not my fault though: there just isn’t so much Amrut around in the US. The last one I reviewed—the Amaze, a single cask release for an Indian club—was bottled in late 2018. This one came out half a decade earlier. A NAS release (like most Amruts), I purchased it right after it was bottled in 2013. Like most Amruts it’s also been bottled at an eye-wateringly high proof. The bottler is Blackadder. They’ve put out a large number of Amruts, far more than any other bottler—Whiskybase only lists a handful of others and they only seem to have one or two each. I wonder what Blackadder’s connection is. The cask was first-fill sherry. I rather liked the last sherry cask Amrut I had—this PX cask—and their Intermediate Sherry is one of my favourites, if now a little too expensive for my wallet. And so I have high hopes for this one. Let’s see if they’re borne out.

Amrut, Sherry Cask (62.3%; Blackadder; sherry cask BA17/2013; from my own bottle)

Nose: The usual Amrut rosewood plus malt biscuits, powdered ginger, salted cashews, cocoa. On the second sniff it’s sweeter and there’s a fair bit of dried orange peel in there too. A few drops of water emphasize the salt at first; as it settles down again the dried orange peel picks up—more acidic now—and some toffee begins to emerge.

Palate: Comes in hot but everything from the nose is present. It’s drinkable at full strength but only just barely. Sweeter on the second sip and there’s more of the roasted malt. With time there’s more of the salted cashews as well. Okay, time to add some water. Ah yes, water knocks the heat back and pulls everything together. The malt is now emphasized along with the orange.

Finish: Long. The sweet rosewood continues, picking up the salt from those cashews as it goes. Less salty here too with water. The powdered ginger comes back at the end—it’s reminding me now of these ginger biscuits/cookies I used to eat when I was young (not sure what the brand was). Something almost phenolic at the end.

Comments: Freshly opened, this bottle was as tight as a drum and just too hot (and water didn’t do much for it). A few pours and a few weeks later it has finally opened up and it is now very nice indeed—and it was quite reminiscent of the Amaze. And despite the sherry maturation it’s very recognizably Amrut with the mix of rosewood, malt and powdered ginger.

Rating: 87 points.

4 thoughts on “Amrut, Sherry Cask (Blackadder)

  1. Scratch the previous: the fruit uncoils as it goes. This is a 90 pointer tonight!

    To think that I drank almost the entire bottle before it came into its best incarnation. Might it have not needed quite so much time and air in the bottle if it had been bottled at a more reasonable strength to begin with?


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