Pandemic Takeout 46: El Triunfo (Northfield, MN)

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on Northfield’s house of Mexican deliciousness, El Triunfo. Which is not to say that we hadn’t eaten their food since my last report. Indeed, today’s pandemic takeout report covers things eaten over four meals. Since my previous report they’d opened for dining-in, closed it down again when the governor mandated it (not a given in these parts) but have not yet restarted it after the restrictions were once again loosened in January. They are still ticking along but business is not exactly booming. The food is as delicious as ever though and if you are in town or within easy reach I urge you to give them a call.

They have a limited menu and so you’re not going to see anything in the slideshow below that you haven’t seen before if you’ve read my previous reviews of takeout from and meals eaten there. As a family we have a pretty set rhythm there. One brat always gets the carne asada tacos (and performs microsurgery to get every topping off the meat); the other gets the milanesa; both love when we get takeout from El Triunfo because they also get to drink Jarritos. It’s a rare meal when we don’t get the tinga de pollo (their signature dish) in some form; if it’s a weekend we get their excellent carnitas. A few variations around the edges—we also love their arrachera and their tamales (though none are featured in this report, being only occasionally available) and their quesadillas. And frankly, even if we didn’t like all that stuff a lot it would be worth it to order from El Triunfo just to get some of that dynamite green salsa which is really a Hall of Fame Minnesota condiment. If there was any justice in the world they would be rich from just selling that in large jars to an adoring populace.

Take a look, order some food, tell your friends. And if there’s a tray of freshly fried tacos dorados by the cashier when you go to pick up your food be sure to add some to your order.

Oh yes, prices are as reasonable as ever too. We recently picked up enough food for 8 adults and paid a total of just over $80 with tax and tip.

Well, we’re almost at a year of pandemic takeout reviews. The anniversary of my last meal eaten in a restaurant is coming up soon. That was last March at Sakura in St. Paul. I will not be eating in anywhere this March (or April or May or probably even the summer) but I will continue the takeout reports. Where will next week’s report take us? Either to Minneapolis for Malaysian or back to Eden Prairie for Indian. There’s also an outside chance we might get barbecue from St. Paul. Let’s see how the weekend pans out.



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