October’s Recipes: A Poll

And here now is the poll to select the recipes for this month.

Unlike September, October will not be focused on a single main ingredient. My garden is still giving me eggplant, courtesy our warmer than usual September, but it’s now a manageable trickle rather than a flood. Two of the recipes on this list of candidates were very good too, as it happens, for using up a glut of other garden produce this summer and early fall, namely hot peppers and tomatoes. And though my cauliflower harvest was no more bountiful than it has been in the past (i.e not very bountiful) the cauliflower recipe is also inspired by my own crop of white, yellow and (so far, one) purple cauliflower. But it’s not all vegetables. If after 4 weeks of vegetarian recipes some of you are hoping for some meat, there are two chicken recipes (one curry with lots of tomatoes and one roast with zero tomatoes) and one with pork. Cast your votes for up to four of these recipes below.

  1. Mirchi Sabzi: a simple preparation of hot peppers (you can just as easily use sweet or a mix) with a few spices in a light tomato broth.
  2. Stir-Fried Gobi with Ajwain: an even simpler recipe which works well as a side dish with all kinds of things.
  3. Lobia Masala: Black-eyed peas in a rich onion-tomato gravy with a lot of spices.
  4. Pork Rib Fry: Spare ribs (you can use other cuts) marinated with cumin, pepper etc. and fried to a crisp before being finished with onions, curry leaves etc.
  5. Tomato-Chicken Curry: 2 lbs of tomatoes go into this curry but the spices provide robust counterpoint for a dish that is very tasty but not very subtle.
  6. Roast Chicken with Cumin and Curry Leaf: An experimental dish that turned out really well. Very easy but very tasty with not very many ingredients.

Pictures of the finished dishes are below for reference. And here is the poll (which I will leave up till Monday):

The recipes will appear on Thursdays as per usual. The sequence may follow the voting or it may not.

Do let me know, by the way, if you made any of September’s recipes—or if you make any of these. I’m always happy/interested to hear how these turn out in other people’s kitchens.



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