Shopping at El Burrito Mercado (St. Paul, MN)

We ate lunch on the patio at El Burrito Mercado last weekend and after the meal I browsed the mercado itself. The meal was fine but the mercado is truly special. The first incarnation opened in 1979—though not at this location—and as the business has grown over the years it has become a very impressive one-stop shop for Mexican foods (or so I assume anyway). From vegetables to a carniceria to spices to canned foods to prepared foods to pastries they’ve pretty much got you covered for all but the most esoteric needs. If you haven’t been—or haven’t been in a while—go take a look and buy a little—or, even better, a lot.

I don’t really have much to say about the store, which is large (though far from Dragon Star levels), well laid out and bright. The slideshow below shows you a lot of what you can expect to find there but it is far from comprehensive. If you are a regular and there are particular things you recommend people try, do write in below in the comments. And do also write in if there are other Hispanic markets you recommend I cover (Andale Mercado is the only other I’ve written up on the blog).

If you made it through the entire slideshow, congratulations! As a reward I will tell you that Tuesday’s restaurant review will also be of a Mexican restaurant but not the one I’d been expecting to review.


8 thoughts on “Shopping at El Burrito Mercado (St. Paul, MN)

  1. Panaderia LomaBonita occupies the old Pooja grocers in Hilltop, up on the north side here. It’s a well stocked, medium sized market, with a good butcher counter, homemade salsas, etc. Also, a taco counter. It is a little on the messy, unkept side, but otherwise serves its purpose. Not even close to being as impressive as EBM unfortunately.


    • Thanks. The old Pooja was a pretty large space, I thought. And that reminds me: I’ve still not been to the new Pooja. Should make the trek someday soon but the truth is our Indian shopping needs are very well taken care of in the south metro these days.


  2. I love going to Mexican grocery stores, and it is always such a fun experience, but we don’t have any with such a pretty section for non-food goods. By the way, your slide shows are not opening on a mobile, only on the computer. They used to work before, afair.


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