Pandemic Takeout 72: El Triunfo To Start the Year (Northfield, MN)

Yes, I’ve posted quite a few restaurant meal reports already in 2022—but those are all of meals eaten in 2021 in Los Angeles. Today’s report is the first from 2022 proper. And I’m kicking the year in restaurant reviews off in hyper-local style with another look at some things eaten at our favourite restaurant in Northfield, Minnesota: El Triunfo.

Okay, so I’m cheating a bit here. This report encompasses food from three separate outings, two of which were in the summer of 2021—and one of which was eaten at the restaurant when the pandemic was briefly looking less concerning. But the largest report is of the most recent meal, which we picked up and ate just this past weekend.

My very first pandemic takeout report, by the way, was of a meal picked up from El Triunfo. That was back in March of 2020. I was certainly not expecting to still be posting pandemic takeout reports almost two years later. That part is not good. What is very good is that El Triunfo is still around and seemingly still doing well. I’ve said before that in my view they are an important part of our little town, for reasons having to do with more than their food. That food is not anything I will make very large claims for but it is always tasty. Well, I will make very large claims for their killer green salsa which remains my favourite condiment—I put it on everything I can before I run out.

Anyway, El Triunfo is still around and we should still not take that for granted. If you live in Northfield or pass through often—or even very occasionally—do keep/consider giving them your support. You could check to see when fresh tamales will be prepared and, as we did last summer, pick up a large bag (they freeze well). You could get a torta, an order of quesadillas, their signature chicken plate (featuring tinga de pollo) or their milanesa (always a hit with our kids). On the weekends you could eat a vat of their menudo (perfect for battling winter in Minnesota). They also again have barbacoa and carnitas on the weekend—though, alas, pozole has not (yet) made a comeback. This is not to say that there aren’t other things you could get and enjoy from them as well—these are just the things we got on the outings pictured below. For a look at other things you could try if you haven’t eaten there (in a while) see my earlier reports. And scroll down to see what’s coming next.

Oh yes, prices are as reasonable as ever and the people as nice.

Alright, now that the Minnesota meals are on the go again what’s next? Well, we’d been scheduled to eat at Khaluna this past weekend but canceled our reservations on account of omicron. I think we’re going to wait a bit before eating in again—though the Twin Cities’ new requirement of proof of vaccination or recent negative test for dining might make us comfortable with the idea sooner. But for the next couple of weeks I think it’ll be takeout for us. Maybe Thai this weekend? Let’s see.

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