June’s Recipes: A Poll

There are still a few days left in May but here’s the poll already to select recipes for June. I post recipes on Thursdays which means I’ll need to have one written up by the second of the month. I once again have eight candidates. Unlike in May, almost half are vegetarian. Three are repeats from last month’s poll: the gurda-kapoora masala featuring goat testicles and kidneys; the lamb shank curry with peanuts and potatoes; and the lamb and bean stew. The spiced roast duck will show up again in a few months time—I’m unlikely to make it again in the next month or two and I do like to make things one more time before I post recipes for them. Joining the gurda-kapoora masala in the category of offal-based dishes that are unlikely to get too many takers is a spiced chicken liver mousse that I made recently for a small gathering. Other newcomers to the poll include a tangy preparation of okra masala with yogurt; a very spicy thick chicken curry/masala; another take on dum alu; and yet another preparation of rajma.

Here are photographs of the dishes as recently prepared in case you want to take a closer look.

And here is the poll. There are five Thursdays in June this year and I will take the opportunity to clear one more recipe from my backlog. Accordingly, this month you can vote for up to five candidates. The poll will be left open through Monday.


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