Coming Soon…

It’s been a busy summer of travel so far. We were in Los Angeles and then Hawaii from early-mid June through early July. And then I was off by myself on work in Ireland for a week. But I’m back in Southern Minnesota now and not planning to go anywhere for the next several months. My vegetable plot in the community garden is the place I’ll be spending most of my time outside the house in August. By the end of August I should have mostly caught up with my backlog of meal reports from Los Angeles and Hawaii. A good thing too as I have a few lined up from Ireland as well. And, of course, we’ll be eating out here in Minnesota too. I’m planning to keep things mostly casual on that front this month. Thursdays will see recipe posts as usual. If you haven’t yet voted in this month’s poll, you have a few more hours to register any preferences.

As for booze reviews, I expect to get to the usual complement on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Somewhat unusually, I don’t have any reviews lined up yet—-on account of my travels I don’t have any ready to go; and between jet lag and the fact that I managed to inflict a nasty bite on my tongue while eating yesterday I haven’t been able to get a jump on the month yet. But I hope to have the first review ready on Wednesday.

You can help me choose what to review. The odds are pretty good that I’ll get to the Arran trio and the Caol Ila trio but other than that everything else is up for grabs. If anything is of particular interest please feel free as always to nominate it/them to the shortlist via the comments below.

  1. Aberlour 15, 2005 (Old Particular for K&L)
  2. Allt-a-Bhainne 7, 2011 (SMWS 108.23)
  3. Arran 14
  4. Arran 17, 1999 (Cadenhead)
  5. Arran Quarter Cask, The Bothy, Batch 3
  6. Caol Ila 14, 2003 (G&M)
  7. Caol Ila 14, 2005 (G&M)
  8. Caol Ila 16, 2002 (G&M)
  9. Clynelish 11, 2008 (Signatory UCF)
  10. Dailuaine 10, 2008 (SMWS 41.116)
  11. Glen Garioch 12, 2008 (Old Particular for K&L)
  12. Glencadam 8, 2011 (SMWS 82.23)
  13. Glenlossie 19, 1997 (Alexander Murray)
  14. Glentauchers 8, 2010 (SMWS 63.58)
  15. Kilchoman 2012-2021, Cask Companion Series, 20 ppm
  16. Kilchoman 2012-2021, Cask Companion Series, 50 ppm
  17. Kilchoman Machir Bay CS, US East Coast Tour 2016 Release
  18. Lagavulin 12, 2021 Release
  19. Loch Lomond/Inchoman 10, 2009 (SMWS 135.22)
  20. Mortlach 15, 2006 (Old Particular for K&L)
  21. Oban 12, 2021 Release
  22. Strathmill 12, 2009 (Signatory UCF)
  23. Talisker 11, 2009 (Old Particular for K&L)
  24. Teaninich 12, 2009 (Thompson Bros.)

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