December’s Recipes: A Poll

Four Thursdays remain in December and each will feature a recipe. This month’s poll is meat-heavy, with four meat-centered dishes, and three of those optimally deploy goat/mutton—and two of them further optimally deploy a specific cut: the neck. But if you don’t have access to goat neck you can use any cut that’s heavy on bones in those recipes; and if you don’t have access to any kind of goat/mutton then you can use lamb or beef. Two of these meat recipes are leftover from November’s poll. The two vegetarian recipes are newcomers. The first is a dry and tangy preparation of squash that features my new favourite commercial spice mix, Bedekar’s Malvani Masala. The other is a very simple tiranga or tricolour dal (which uses, yes, a mix of three dals of different colours) which is the very epitome of comfort food, particularly if, like us, you are at the beginning of a long winter. The poll will be left open till the end of the day, Monday. As always, you can vote for up to four recipes (though some of you do seem to vote strategically).

Here is the visual inducement (the poll is below it):

And here is the poll—vote for up to four recipes:

Again, the poll will be left open through Monday. The first recipe will be posted next Thursday.


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