Uncle Fung, Borneo Eatery (Long Beach, CA, December 2022)

Just about a month after our trip to southern California in late December began, here finally is my first meal report from that trip. It is not of our first meal (dim sum) or our second meal (sushi), but of our third meal: at Uncle Fung, Borneo Eatery in Long Beach, who specialize in dishes from Indonesia (Borneo specifically), Malaysia and Singapore. They are a relatively recently opened branch of Borneo Kalimantan Cuisine in Alhambra (in the San Gabriel Valley). Since the Long Beach location opened in 2018, they’ve also opened a branch in Buena Park. It was to the Long Beach branch we went, however, as it is located a mere 10 minutes drive from my mother-in-law’s place in Seal Beach. We’ve not found much food of interest in Seal Beach—indeed our worst meal on this trip was eaten towards the end in Seal Beach. And so, the prospect of good Southeast Asian food within easy reach was enticing. I am glad to report that that is exactly what we found. Herewith, a bit of detail.

Uncle Fung is located in a small’ish strip mall off PCH, anchored by a Target. Right alongside it is a Hawaiian Barbecue specialist and not too far away is a Boba purveyor. The restaurant is bright and airy with a floor to ceiling glass front and tables spaced well apart. The decor is attractive in a mod’ish way. You can order off the QR code menu, or, if you’re old like us, you can ask for a paper menu. Either way, the menu is not large: three appetizers; laksa with a choice of noodle variants; a few noodle dishes; a few rice dishes; a few beverages. An edited menu suggests closer attention to detail and sure enough we liked everything we got very much.

What did we get? We started with the roti prata and the chicken satay. The chicken satay was ordered for the boys but they actually liked the roti prata better. This both because the roti prata was excellent and because the satay was a little stickier and sweeter than they’re used to. The missus and I were happy to mop up the satays they did not eat. Next up the Singapore laksa. It may not be saying much, but it was the best laksa we’ve have had in the US so far: rich but not cloying broth, very nice noodles. Next up, the ayam goreng penyet: a deep-fried cornish hen with curry rice and an excellent sambal. Finally, the Borneo rice plate, which featured barbecued pork, pork sausage, crisp-fried chicken, a boiled egg and some veg with rice. Very tasty broth and a different excellent hot sauce were served alongside. This was also a big hit all around.

For a look at the restaurant, the menu, and what we ate, click on an image below to launch a slideshow. Scroll down for price, thoughts on service, and to see what’s coming next on the restaurant report front.

Price? Just about $80 with tax and a 20% tip. Which means that the Indonesian/Malay/Singapore food within easy reach of our southern California home base is not only very good, it’s also very affordable. And, oh yes, the service is very warm, very friendly. A very nice restaurant in every possible way. I hope they’ll thrive—we are very likely to return on every trip.

What’s next on the restaurant report front? Either another Los Angeles report or my first report from Delhi. That’ll be next Tuesday. This weekend I *might* have a report on another Twin Cities immigrant market or on a large fish market in Goa (where we are for the rest of the week before returning to Delhi). Let’s see.



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