Glenfarclas 12

Back to Glenfarclas. I’ve previously recently reviewed the 8 yo and the 10 yo—I found the first to be passable (78 points) and the second a bit better (80 points). Will the 12 yo, with its bump up to 43% abv, continue the incremental improvement/rise in my ratings? Let’s see. This one, like the 10 yo, can be found easily all over the US.

Glenfarclas 12 (43%; from a bottle split)

Nose: As with the 8 yo and the 10 yo, there’s obvious citrus here (orange again) but this is maltier from the get-go and there’s a milk chocolate/cocoa powder note. Less citrus and more malt at first with a few drops of water but then the fruit comes back strong.

Palate: Bright citrus to start and then to continue. On the second sip there’s some apricot in there too and some toasted oak to frame it all. Very nice texture at 43%. The oak expands with time but it’s not obtrusive; maltier too now. More of a bite with water and I’m not sure it’s for the good.

Finish: Medium. The citrus takes a while to fade out, getting sweeter and muskier as it goes. As on the palate with water.

Comments: Okay, while this is not particularly complex either, it is a bit of a leap up from the 10 yo. It doesn’t have that metallic note that jumped out in both the 8 yo and the 10 yo—as to whether that is down to the slightly higher abv or 2-4 more years of oak eliminating off-notes, I’m not sure. I will say that this one at 43% took water less well than its younger siblings at 40%.

If this was in the region of $30 I’d recommend it very enthusiastically as an everyday drinker in this style. In most parts of the US it’s closer to $40—which, I guess, is not a bad price either these days. At any rate, I would very happily drink this again. Next up, the 15 yo, which I will be purchasing another bottle of in London.

Rating: 83 points.

One thought on “Glenfarclas 12

  1. It has been many years but George Grant was hosting a tasting of his lineup all the way through the 25 year and said 40% of each whisky is aged in what he called Scotch casks. When asked what that meant he said something to the effect of not first, refill or third fill. So basically nearly half the whisky is aged in casks that have probably nothing left to give.


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