Glen Grant 20, 1992 (Whisky-Fässle)

Last week, I had a review of a Glen Grant 20, 1992 from a German bottler (Maltbarn). This week I have another. This one is from a bourbon hogshead and the bottler is Whisky-Fässle, whose releases I’ve generally had good luck with (though I’ve not reviewed many on the blog). I opened this bottle earlier this year along with the Maltbarn, a 23 yo from Whisky Import Nederland and another from 1992 bottled by the Whisky Exchange (review coming soon), all as part of a Glen Grant vertical for a subset of my local tasting group. We all liked this one more than the Maltbarn then, though the family resemblance was/is very strong. I drank the bottle down rather quickly after my return from London about a month ago—like the Maltbarn, it’s a particularly good summer malt—and I think I may have enjoyed the second half of the bottle more than the first. Here, before it’s all gone, are my notes.

Glen Grant 20, 1992 (50.4%; bourbon hogshead; Whisky-Fässle; from my own bottle)

Nose: Very appley with a malty background. As it sits the apple notes move from the fruit to the cider end of the spectrum but this is appley through and through. Some limestone/mineral notes pop out as well and it starts to get a little citrussy, a little grassy and some pear joins the party as well. Water flattens the nose a little.

Palate: Pretty much as advertised by the nose, except maybe maltier. Nice texture. On the second sip there’s a bit more bite (part zest, part white pepper, part oak) but it’s still all about the fruit. With water the fruit seems more concentrated, and the musky notes show up earlier, and it’s less spicy.

Finish: Medium. The fruit gets a little musky as it goes and it gets more peppery. Not less spicy here with water.

Comments: Another fruit-forward, summery malt, I like this more than the Maltbarn 20 yo. Not much complexity here either but simple can be good too, and this is simply good. Water was redundant on the nose but did interesting things for the palate.

Rating: 86 points.


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