Grand Szechuan, 2017 (Bloomington, MN)

Grand Szechuan is the Twin Cities area restaurant we eat at most often. Rather than report on every meal, for the last few years I’ve been posting yearly roundups instead. This year we weren’t there as often as usual. This is largely because we were gone for a chunk of the year, and given how much we ate out in the UK, and the fact that it was good to be back in our own kitchen, we didn’t eat out very much for the first few months after our return either. This roundup therefore includes a few dishes eaten at meals in the mid and late summer but mostly comprises a blowout meal we ate there this last Sunday with what has become our regular eating-out crew. As last restaurant meals of the year go, it was a very good one. And we ate so much that it also ended up being our last meal of the year—we passed on dinner. 

At this point we have eaten almost everything on the menu—with the exception, mostly, of some of the dishes that are iterations of others we’ve eaten. As a result, there’s not a lot of new (to us) dishes being reported on here. It’s good to confirm though that many old favourites are as good now as they were when we first ate them (though one has been redone in the opposite direction). For the names of the dishes and brief descriptions/evaluations, please launch the slideshow below. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of many of these photos—at dinner or when seated all the way in away from natural light, my camera has some difficulty with white balance etc.

Our meal on Sunday comprised fifteen dishes. We were eight adults and two children (who together ate enough for one adult). So counting us as 9 adults, with a generous tip we came to a total of $25/head. This is almost criminally good value. It goes without saying that we’ll be back often in 2018. Unfortunately, they don’t have any new dishes planned for the lunar new year but they did tell us about a new dish featuring beef heart that’s not on the menu. Next time!

Okay, for the next couple of weeks you can expect a steady diet of reviews of our remaining meals in Los Angeles. After that we’ll back to eating on University Avenue in St. Paul.


One thought on “Grand Szechuan, 2017 (Bloomington, MN)

  1. I wish this place was closer to us.

    Lucky that Tea House is still very good, and it appears they have a new chef within the last year or two. We were there several weeks ago for dinner and it was delicious. Suggesting you make it back there one more time and see what you think, i.e. compare to GS.


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