Longmorn 24, 1990 (Single Malts of Scotland)

After three less than whelming whiskies to start the month, and also to start my run of reviews of malts from the Speyside and the Highlands this month, here is one that I know is very good. This is a Longmorn bottled by the Single Malts of Scotland label of Speciality Drinks (now Elixir Distillers, I think) a few years ago. I opened it for my local group’s February tasting and it went down very well with the group. Here now are my notes.

Longmorn 24, 1990 (53.7%; Single Malts of Scotland; hogshead #191954; from my own bottle)

Nose: Tart apple, lemon peel, dried leaves, grass, toasted oak. The lemon peel expands as it sits, getting oilier and zestier. Softer and maltier with water. 

Palate: Pretty much as promised by the nose but with more oaky grip and more lemon peel (zingy, waxy). Nice texture. On the second sip there’s some honey mixed in with the lemon and some white pepper. The flavours intensify as it sits in the glass, with the oak getting maybe a just bit too loud. Let’s add water. Yes, water pushes the oak back and emphasizes the honey and malt.

Finish: Medium-long. Gets maltier and spicier here and there’s more sweet fruit as it fades (berries, pears). As on the palate with water.

Comments: A brighter, lemonier version of the Glenburgie 29, 1983 I reviewed last month. This style of ex-bourbon whisky is so good at an older age: elegant balance of fruit, malt and oak. I hope to bow in the direction of the distillery if we do make it to the Speyside as planned in June.

Rating: 88 points.

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