Roadside Fruit and Veg in Hong Kong (December 2018)

On Sunday I posted a slideshow of images taken on walks around my hotel on my first day in Hong Kong. This may have led you to believe that there would be a separate report for every day after that as well. But when not in meetings, I’ve spent most of my time walking around the city and taking photographs rather than posting them to the blog. But as they pile up in my folders I remember that I’m not yet done posting reports on my trip to Scotland in the summer; and so faced with the prospect of reporting on this trip for the next two years, I’m going to try to speed it up a bit. Accordingly, here is a slideshow of pictures of fruit and veg taken at roadside markets and stalls. Hopefully this will mollify the vegetarians among my readers who may have found the meat pictures in the previous Hong Kong post to be a bit much. 

Most of these were taken at the same market by my hotel that I’d posted pictures of last time. In the intervening days I have learned that this is in fact a very famous market (Graham St. Market), that it sits every day, and that in Hong Kong markets like these are known as wet markets. I have really enjoyed walking through it every day on my way to breakfast and back, and at various other times. It’s a true daily market, with locals shopping for ingredients for the day’s cooking. I find that visiting markets is a very nice way to get a feel for the life of a city—though the people I am constantly dodging with my camera may feel differently about me.

Not all the pictures are from Graham St. Market, however. There are stalls on the streets in other parts of the neighbourhood as well and I take photographs opportunistically. The quality of the pictures is variable—I am an enthusiastic rather than a skilled photographer; if you don’t like them you can always ask for your money back.

I am not entirely sure what every single thing in these photos is. If you can help i.d any of the question marks, please write in below.

I actually spent the morning today in another wet market, this one enclosed: Sai Ying Pun Market. Their fish and seafood section is quite something. I’ll have a separate post on that market sometime next week. And soon I’ll have my first Hong Kong eating report as well—maybe as soon as tomorrow.


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