Game of Thrones Whisky: House Targaryen (Cardhu Gold)

Could it be that the fate of the Breaker of Chains on Game of Thrones was signaled by spirits behemoth, Diageo? You see, as part of their Game of Thrones whisky marketing gimmick they matched House Targaryen with the Cardhu distillery. The natural pairing would have been with the one highly smoky whisky in the lineup; but that Lagavulin was given to House Lannister who really should have been paired with this release of Cardhu Gold. As it happens, House Lannister survived the ending of Game of Thrones while Daenerys Targaryen’s corpse was probably dropped into the sea when Drogon absent-mindedly flexed his claws mid-flight. Her heel turn prior to her demise shocked a lot of people—it had been signaled but not properly developed on the show—but we should have seen it coming, No house is going to rule a continent that has as its namesake whisky an artificially coloured malt from a minor distillery bottled at 40%. Daenerys Targaryen deserved a better arc on Game of Thrones and a better whisky too. All men must die, as that cheerful Valyrian saying goes, but it does not follow that all men must drink mediocre whisky while still among the living.

Game of Thrones Whisky: House Targaryen (40%; Cardhu Gold; from a bottle split)

Nose: Big malty notes off the top with citrus right below (orange). A little more sourness on the second sniff and also a leafy quality. More citrus than malt with a few drops of water.

Palate:  Starts out a little blank before muted citrus and a slightly cardboardy note arrive. The texture is too thin. No real development with time or water.

Finish: Medium. The malty and leafy notes from the nose pick up here and some bite develops at the very end.

Comments: I liked this on the nose but the palate was weak; some recovery on the finish but not enough to make it very interesting. A good transitional malt for the blend drinker but not very much more. It’s not flawed, just boring (sort of the opposite of Daenerys Targaryen).

Rating: 78 points.

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Whisky: House Targaryen (Cardhu Gold)

  1. Maybe the whisky was modeled on Jon: a lineage full of sound and fury… signifying nothing. For all that was made of Jon Snow really being a Targaryen, it actually never really mattered at all.


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