The Singleton of Glen Ord 12

The Singleton of Glen Ord is the Singleton release Diageo sends to the Asian market. Or at least it used to. Does it still do so? Is the Singleton series still on the go? These are questions for more informed people to answer. I did note that Diageo put a Singleton of Glen Ord 18 on their special release roster last year—though I don’t believe I’ve read any reviews of it. Anyone know what it was like?

I’d planned to review it when I first put it on the possible reviews list a few months ago. But LV33’s comment denigrating it put me off—I am a very impressionable sort, you see. But the sample sat around making sad eyes at me and I was no longer able to avoid it. Here, therefore, with some trepidation is my review.

The Singleton of Glen Ord 12 (40%; from a sample from a friend)

Nose: A mix of leafy and metallic notes with some citrus mixed in. Sweeter fruit on the second sniff. Maltier as it sits and softer notes of vanilla and baked bread (croissants). A drop of water—added more than 30 minutes later—amplifies the orange a fair bit.

Palate: Comes in thin and a bit flat texturally but otherwise as indicated by the nose. The texture actually seems to improve with a few more sips and there’s more sweet fruit now (berries, peach). Water doesn’t do the texture any favours and brings out a slightly acrid, papery note.

Finish: Medium-long. Some oak as it fades and is that a hint of smoke? Or just the dried leaves again? More sweetness here too with time. As on the palate with water.

Comments: I don’t know why I was warned about this; it’s rather pleasant. And it seems like it should work well to get blend drinkers started on single malt. Are newer versions quite different? Please let me know if so. Otherwise, I like it enough that I might look for a bottle at Delhi airport to drink while I’m in India. And LV33, explain yourself!

Rating; 83 points.

Thanks to Michael for the sample. (His review here.)


One thought on “The Singleton of Glen Ord 12

  1. At the time of my comment you had less than 250 whiskies in the 80-84 pt range, I did not want my beloved glen ord to fall in that range and did all I could to prevent the apocalypse.
    Anyway, an 83 for this mess is rather generous, however, the recent batches that I’ve tried seemed to have more sherry in it and imo sherried glen ord doesn’t work well at all. This one above reads like it has some sherry in it but not as much.
    I am looking forwarding to finding this years special release and prob over paying for it stateside.


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