Springbank 1997, Batch 2

On Wednesday I had a review of the Springbank 1997, Batch 1, released in 2007. Here now is a review of Batch 2, released a year later. This one I did purchase a whole bottle of. I liked Batch 1 a lot and so am hoping that Batch 2 will be comparable. Let’s see if it in fact is.

Springbank 1997, Batch 2 (54.9%; from my own bottle)

Nose: Typical Springbank notes of damp earth and sackcloth with some dried orange peel and some coastal notes (kelp, brine, seashells) running through them. With time there’s more salt and some red fruit—plum?—along with the orange peel. Sweeter and softer with water (cream, malt) at first and then some pencil lead.

Palate: Leads with the damp earth here and there’s some pencil lead and then some prickly spice mixed in with it all (cracked mustard seed). On the second sip there’s quite a bit of smoke—woody rather than phenolic—and some freshly cracked black pepper. More in this vein with time. Let’s see what water does. It brings out more of the citrus and more salt but the earth is still omnipresent.

Finish: Long. The earthy notes are the top note here too, getting brinier as they go. Some bitter tannins as well but they mix well with the earth and salt. As on the palate with water.

Comments: A clear sibling of Batch 1—and really of pretty much every Springbank—this is very good as well. It doesn’t have as much of the citrus notes on the palate as Batch 1 does or quite as much development on the whole and I have it a couple of points below it for that reason. Still very happy to have a bottle to finish.

Rating; 87 points.

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