Glenallachie 10 CS, Batch 2

I’ve reviewed a couple of official Glenallachies in the last six months—see here for the 2021 release of the 12 yo, and here for the 15 yo (release year unknown). Those are two of the only three Glenallachies I’ve reviewed—the third was an older independent release from Whiskybase from before the Billy Walker era. This week I will double my total Glenallachie count. Yes, this is going to be a week of reviews of Glenallachie. They will all be official releases, they will all involve at least some sherry, and they will all be at cask strength. First up: Batch 2 of the Glenallachie 10 CS. This was released in 2018 in the US market (and, for all I know, in other markets as well). I don’t remember seeing it in Minnesota but then again I don’t really spend much time in liquor stores any more—or for that matter on liquor websites. It’s a vatting of spirit matured in oloroso, PX and virgin oak casks. Let’s see what it’s like.

Glenallachie Cask Strength, Batch 2 (54.8%; from a bottle split)

Nose: A very pleasant fruity arrival with orange peel and lemon leading the way; oak and leafy notes come up from behind. The citrus and the oak both expand and begin to merge as it sits; a bit of toffee too now. A few drops of water push the oak back a bit and pull out more toffee along with a bit of red fruit (cherry?).

Palate: The oak is in the lead here but the citrus is close behind. The oak is clearly present but not tannic. The sweeter note of toffee expand as I swallow. Quite approachable at full strength but it should open up nicely with water; good texture. Continues in this vein. The oak impact expands with time but does not approach the objectionable. With more time still the oak takes on some polish and all but merges with the orange peel. Okay, let’s add water. Spicier now and then more sour; generally less interesting.

Finish: Long. The toffee expands but then yields to the citrus, now in the form of tart-sweet hard candy. More of the oak at the end with time. Develops as on the palate with time and water.

Comments: This was a nice surprise. The virgin oak is not talkative and only seems to come out with the water. I liked it on the nose with and without water but much preferred it neat on the palate. No idea how much it went for but this is pretty good for the young age.

Rating: 86 points.



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