Isaan Station Again (Los Angeles, July 2015)

Isaan Station: Tom Super
I ate at Isaan Station twice on our last trip to Los Angeles. On neither occasion was I accompanied by the missus and kids and I was thus resolved that we would go back together on this trip (it also helps that Isaan Station is in Koreatown and not Thai Town). While they do not have the dish that the boys are guaranteed to eat (chicken/pork satays) I knew they (and the missus) would love their wondrous grilled chicken and/or any of the other grilled meats; and that the missus would, at a minimum, also love whichever earthy, spicy soup we got. So it proved to be.
I don’t really have very much to add to my description of the restaurant (still cash only) or by way of introduction to Isaan cuisine (my knowledge of it has not gone past the miniscule level it was at 7 months ago)—so let’s get quickly to the food.

You’d think I’d have learned my lesson from the second meal on the previous trip, when both Michael K. and I were almost killed by the bamboo salad, but no: we asked that everything that should be hot be made Thai hot. The waitress looked at us dubiously and shrugged her shoulders as if to disclaim responsibility. Was she right? Well, let me say that for me it was both an excellent meal and a great facial and scalp cleanse; and even the missus, who is usually unperturbed by very hot food, almost met her match in the soup (which almost killed me).

For what we ate click on an image below to launch a larger slideshow. Descriptions and comments are in the captions in the slideshow, and more comments on the meal are below it.

We got 2x of the chicken, as the boys wolfed down the first plate before we could get much of a look at it (so much for filial piety). All of this came to about $70 before tip and we took leftovers home (driving with the container of that soup was reminiscent of the last time I drove a truck laden with nitroglycerine over a mountain in South America).

Highlights? Well, everything was a highlight, really but I’ll praise the chicken again. And while that lethal soup was not quite as excellent as the tom saab kra dhook moo I ate at my first meal in December it was bloody good as well. All three of their seven soups that I’ve had so far have been bloody good. Is there a dud on there? I dunno. Oh, and the fried pork rib blew out of the water the version we had at St. Paul’s Bangkok Thai Deli last month (I haven’t posted the write-up of that meal yet).

Well, I do need to branch out from Isaan Station for Isaan food. Lacha Somtum in Thai Town is on the list. Hopefully, we’ll make it there on this trip; if not, next time for sure. Any other nominations for Isaan food in Los Angeles? Night + Market?

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