Glenmorangie, The Taghta

Let’s do another Glenmorangie. Alas, it’s another NAS whisky—Glenmorangie have released so many of them. Unlike the Tayne, the Taghta is not part of their current lineup. It was a limited edition released a few years ago and was said to be a crowd-sourced whisky with all aspects of the selection of the whisky apparently having been voted on (“Taghta” is apparently Gaelic for “chosen”). From various sherry/wine finishes a Manzanilla finish was selected by whoever did the voting. I’ve read some reports that indicate that this is the regular 10 yo plus a finish but there’s no official word to that effect. I guess the crowd that selected it didn’t get a say in the age. Unlike the Tayne, it’s at 46%, so it’s at least got that going for it. Anyway, let’s see what it’s like.

Glenmorangie, The Taghta (46%; from a sample from a friend)

Nose: Metallic off the top with a a thin leafy note below it and then rapidly expanding sherry. Not surprising given the Manzanilla finish, but the sherry’s main quality is a dry yeastiness rather than the usual richer notes. With a bit of airing that metallic note goes away and there’s more citrus (orange peel). Water pulls the drier, yeasty notes out again.

Palate: The metallic note isn’t here but otherwise it’s very much as advertised by the nose at first. Nice texture at 46%. On the second sip I’m getting richer notes (citrus, malt) and also more of an oaky bite (not tannic). Nicely balanced. The citrus gets brighter as it goes. Even brighter with water and breadier.

Finish: Long. Sweeter notes emerge here, with orange peel and a bit of apricot. As on the palate with water and spicier as it goes.

Comments: Like The Tayne this is a very well-balanced whisky with the finish incorporated nicely with the base malt—and it works well with water too. And I like it more than The Tayne. However, I don’t think I can recommend it for the £80 being asked for it in the UK and certainly not the for $130 that appears to be the lowest price in the US. There’s as good or better sherried whisky to be had for less (see the Glenfarclas 17).

Rating: 85 points.

Thanks to Matt G. for the sample! (See his review here.)

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