Game of Thrones Whisky: House Tully (Glendullan)

So, Game of Thrones is done. No matter how you feel about Daenerys Targaryen, I can’t help feel she deserved to go out better than Roose Bolton. I mean the magic was strong with her: she was able to project her voice so that people hundreds and hundreds of feet away were able to hear her over the neighing of horses. And then she got stabbed by a guy who couldn’t be trusted to take his sword into a guarded cell but could apparently walk up to the queen with multiple stabby weapons with no guards present. Oh yes, SPOILER ALERT!

I was expecting to have the review right after the series finale be of the House Targaryen whisky but I’ve decided instead to go with House Tully, in honour of Erdmure Tully who re-emerged right on cue to be embarrassed again. House Tully is a dull, dull house and fittingly Diageo have matched them with Glendullan, a dull, dull distillery. I know I always say that every distillery is capable of producing great whiskies but I’m not sure anyone has ever had a great Glendullan. It would be a Game of Thrones level shocker if this turned out to be a great one but, alas, it is not. Oh yes, SPOILER ALERT!

Game of Thrones Whisky: House Tully (40%; Glendullan Select; from a bottle split)

Nose: Starts out a bit grainy but then there’s a big whack of malt and some tart apple. More intense on the second sniff with some lemon in there too.

Palate: Pretty much as promised with a bit of oaky bite. The texture is a bit thin but it doesn’t bother me too much. With each sip, however, the grainy note from the nose expands and it gets first metallic and then a bit plasticky/astringent.

Finish: Medium-long. The oak expands and then it starts getting bitter at the end.

Comments: This exceeded my expectations on the nose but the palate and finish were less compelling. It’s a decent entry-level malt but there’s no reason to get it over the Glenfiddich or Glenlivet 12, which are in the same style but with less of the grainy notes. Oh yes, I forgot to add water but somehow I suspect it wouldn’t have brought out anything remarkable.

Rating: 78 points.

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