Bowmore 2001, “Wanted: Rabbit Franky The Mohre” (Jack Wieber)

Bowmore 2001, Wanted: Rabbit Franky the Mohre
Here is another bizarrely named release of Bowmore from Jack Wieber’s “Wanted” series. This was distilled in 2001 and was released in 2012. I have so far reviewed two others in this series (see here and here); those had odd names too but not quite as odd as this one, which I think I would, on the whole, rather not have explained. Well, I did like both of those a fair bit, so if oddness of name maps on to quality of whisky then I should be in for a treat. Let’s see how it goes.

Bowmore 2001, “Wanted: Rabbit Franky The Mohre” (53.4%; Jack Wieber; bourbon cask; from a purchased sample)

Nose: A little blank at first but then it starts getting both fruity (melon, a bit of guava) and coastal (seashells, brine). On the second sniff it’s also quite custardy and there’s some sweet and prickly peat too now. Fruitier with time. With water it gets a little mentholated but the custardy fruit is still to the fore. 

Palate: Peppery peat at first and then a big whack of fruit and vanilla-cream; peat again as I swallow. Very nice indeed. Nice mouthfeel too. Sweeter on the second and third sips—there’s a hint of glycerine but it’s held in check by the smoke and pepper. Gets fruitier as it goes on the palate too but the pepper keeps pace. Brighter with water and a little more acidic (lemon). Alas, after a minute or two that hint of glycerine gets a bit stronger—the fruit does keep pace though.

Finish: Medium-long. The pepper makes the lasting impression. Just a bit of that dread glycerine note again at the very end. Longer with water and fruitier.

Comments: Well, neat, this is like that van Wees Bowmore without the soap/glycerine; unfortunately, water brings it out on the palate. Nonetheless, it’s a good example of how unique Bowmore’s character can be. Whether you care for it or not, this is one of the few unmistakable profiles in the world of single malt whisky—a pity about the glycerine note (this is now the second time I’ve found it in young Bowmore of this general era).

Rating: 86 points.


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