Grand Szechuan Yet Again

Grand Szechuan: Stir Fried Pea Tips

It may seem like I post reviews of every meal we eat out but that’s not entirely true. I certainly don’t post reviews of every meal we eat at Grand Szechuan, for if I did it would get rather monotonous.We are probably a couple of meals away from having eaten their entire Sichuan menu. Once we’ve done that we’ll probably go back with our most hardcore friends for a personal “best of” meal.

Indeed, I’ve never actually posted meal reviews of Grand Szechuan—both of my previous reviews have been compendiums of several meals eaten there (see here for the first and here for the second), and the same is true of this one. This covers a number of meals eaten since the summer, and only some of what we ate on all these occasions is pictured: things that were pictured in the previous reviews have been omitted (even I am not that tedious); however, I may channel my inner George Lucas and go back and update some of the really crappy older pictures with (slightly) better ones of the same dishes taken on later occasions.

Anyway, if you still haven’t been to Grand Szechuan you really need to go. It is for our money the best non-high end restaurant in the Twin Cities metro area, and for sheer pleasure it gives a number of the high end restaurants a run for their money as well. If you’re nervous about the potential heat level of the food you shouldn’t be. As this particular set of images shows, some of their best dishes are the mild ones, and even the things that are hot can be asked for at a non-lethal setting (and, frankly, if you don’t ask for it super hot you’re unlikely to receive anything that way anyway).

As always, click on an image to launch a slideshow with proper descriptions of the dishes.

I am in Los Angeles right now and the best compliment I can give Grand Szechuan is that on a shorter trip to Los Angeles than usual I will probably be willing to eat only one Sichuan meal in the San Gabriel Valley. Not because Grand Szechuan is as good as the best Sichuan places here—it’s at least a full tier down–but because it’s closer to them than the best Twin Cities representatives of other Asian cuisines are to their counterparts in the greater LA metro. I’m going to double down on sushi, Thai and Korean instead.

3 thoughts on “Grand Szechuan Yet Again

    • Just not in this slideshow—I didn’t repeat images of things shown in my previous two posts on the restaurant. That said, while they have a number of fish dishes, there’s not a whole lot of seafood on the menu. I assume that because Sichuan is an inland province shellfish etc. are not traditionally big in the cuisine (though there may be freshwater prawns, I suppose). Still, their three flavour squid is one of our favourites there.


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